What is Six Sigma and its benefits?

Six Sigma is a data-driven methodology and set of tools widely used in business and industry to improve processes, enhance quality, and reduce defects or errors.Its benefits include increased efficiency, higher product and service quality, cost reduction, improved customer satisfaction, and a structured approach to problem-solving.

Over the years we have come across different definition of Six Sigma. Some say it is a Philosophy, for some it is a set of tools, for some it is Methodology and for some it is Metric. The fact is each definition stands true in its own way. So Six Sigma does help a process to produces an output with in customer specification by ensuring right kind of Input, the processes can be defined, measured, Analyzed, Improved and Controlled with help of correct set of Qualitative and Quantitative tools. The systematic approach ensures that the result achieved is sustained and state of Quality of 3.4 defects out of 1 million opportunity or parts is achieved.

Talking about the benefits:

  1. If Six Sigma methodology is used wisely, it would produce breakthrough results.
  2. Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Certified professional can take up wide range of well-defined projects that can improve the Process ROI, Customer Satisfaction, Productivity Improvement, reduction in COPQ, Improvement in Brand Value, etc.
  3. Six Sigma if implemented wisely can create an Organizational culture wherein every human resource will understand the importance of process and system approach and can edge there competitors.
  4. As a Six Sigma professional you would develop life skills like better problem solving skills, Prioritizing things, Analytical skills, People Management, collaborative skills and many more…
  5. Six Sigma professionals are highly paid individuals in the markets.

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