Meet High Career Growth International

About the Company

Our platform is built on the belief that continuous learning and skill development are the cornerstones of success in today’s competitive world. Whether you’re a recent graduate aiming to step into the professional arena, a seasoned employee looking to upskill, or an employer seeking to foster a culture of excellence within your organization, HCGI is here to empower you.

HCG  INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD  is registered with the Government of Karnataka under the Commercial Establishment Act 2013, and Tax Employment ACT 2013 Headquarter in Bangalore KA. Value of HCGI: Accredited by (IAF) International Accreditation Forum Services & registered with Otabu (Reg no- 0907Q148422 for Training and certifying Six Sigma, Lean Management, ITIL, IATF, IELTS Programs. HCG is certified with ISO 9001:2015 and Registered with MSME.

Why Choose Us

Training is profoundly strategic. It’s a process aimed at improving the single most important resource in the organization: people. Nothing affects customer loyalty more than the behaviors and competencies of employees.

Our Experience

Our instructors and mentors typically bring 10 to 20 years of real-world, hands-on experience implementing Lean and Six Sigma

Diverse Fields

We’ve worked around the world in many different industries

Our Approach

We understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to Lean or Six Sigma


We offer a wide range of flexible, modular standard programs

Practice over Theory

We offer credible training with a practical focus

Handout Materials

We provide you with detailed, high-quality handout materials for future reference

We Help & Guide You To Achieve Success

Beyond solving problems, High Career Growth International Pvt Ltd is dedicated to adding tangible economic value to our Students. That is why “Choose certainty & Add value.” is the core philosophy behind everything that we do. We partner with our customers with early consultation and continuous guidance to make sustainable progress a reality.

Our Vision

“To become one of the top internationally acclaimed institutions providing Total Quality Management and Quality Management Systems Training Programs, Business Consulting, and supporting the Global need to create a culture of Quality and consistency.”

Our Mission

“ To advance and spread knowledge across India and the Globe for Individuals and Organizations in the area of TQM-Total Quality Management and QMS-Quality Management Systems, creation of wealth and welfare of humanity by providing Affordable, high-quality Professional Training and Business Consulting for Lean, Six Sigma, ISO, Digital Marketing, etc.”